Our Mission

We are the preferred partner and advocate for Physicians and Patients enabling quality health care outcomes.

Pinnacle Medical Partners:

  • represents all aspects of business for Physicians including payer contracts and revenue cycle management, managing staff, accounting and legal, marketing and addressing their technology needs;

  • enables quality of care outcomes by analyzing identified process and outcome measures; and

  • provides the platform for our Physicians to speak with one voice to various constituencies including commercial payers, CMS and local and national medical boards.

Core Values

As our network continues to grow, we want everyone to have a knowledge and understanding of the core values that define Pinnacle Medical Partners. These values include how we express our culture, how we operate and how we work together.  Our 8 core values include:

  1. To build relationships with each of our providers and patients

  2. To deliver on our commitments

  3. To build trust with our providers, patients, and staff, and to maintain that trust

  4. To be consistent in everything that we do

  5. To value and encourage each other and our unique talents

  6. To teach one another and learn from each other

  7.  To show continuous improvement every day

  8. To be humble and serve one another

“At Pinnacle Medical Partners, we enable our medical professionals to focus on what they do best – providing quality medical services – while we provide the business management and infrastructure to deliver an outstanding patient experience, and a practice to which patients refer their friends and family.”

Scott Pomeroy CEO Pinnacle Medical Parnters
Scott Pomeroy
CEO and Co-founder
Our Team: Redefining the Healthcare Industry One Physician Owned Practice at a Time

“We developed Pinnacle Medical Partners in response to the issues faced by independent medical practices. We use the Medical Practice Partnership (MPP) method to drive patient growth, provide positive practice culture, financial profitability, and business sustainability — all leading to value and wealth creation for the owners.”

Scott Pomeroy CEO Pinnacle Medical Parnters
Scott Pomeroy
CEO and Co-founder