Our Goals

We enrich the lives of our physician partners and the patients whom they serve. Our team of seasoned business professionals partner with independent primary care practices to deliver innovative business solutions focused on an outstanding patient experience, operational excellence, profitable growth and long term wealth creation for the owners

Our Method

Behind the scenes, our Shared Services team is postured to continually improve the efficiency, effectiveness and profitability of our partner practices through optimized processes, supply chain management, innovative office tools and leveraging economies of scale.   Our team helps navigate the increasingly complex and rapidly changing business aspects of the healthcare industry, including the dynamic insurance and regulatory requirements.

Our unique Medical Practice Partnership (MPP) ensures fully aligned interests and sustainable value and wealth creation.

Shared Services Team

Real, Helpful, People

Optimized Processes

If you do it, do it right.

Innovative Tools

Premiere Technology, Implemented by Experts

Fully Aligned Interests

Sustainable Value & Wealth Creation

“At Pinnacle Medical Partners, we enable our medical professionals to focus on what they do best – providing quality medical services-While we provide the business management and infrastructure to deliver an outstanding patient experience, and a practice to which patients refer their friends and family.”

Scott Pomeroy CEO Pinnacle Medical Parnters
Scott Pomeroy
Revenue Management

Our Operations team works with the practice staff to create a Lean culture that understands customer (patient) value and clinical flow, and actively identifies waste, inefficiency and unnecessary costs.  The Lean culture enhances staff and patient satisfaction, as well as quality health care. Click on the tab above to learn more.

Practice Management

Our focus is to continuously improve the patient experience.  From online scheduling, to an inviting reception area, to post visit follow up, we strive to have our patients feel valued, welcomed and view our practice as a trusted health care adviser as they invite us to be part of their family’s well-being and health services.  Every touch point (phone, web, people) matters to us and to our patients – and every touch point represents an opportunity to build affinity.  As such, we measure success by the level and frequency of referrals to our provider network.

Financial Services

From our experience many practices fail to fully understand their financial position. Having an outsourced financial services team can lead to a lack of coherence within your practice, as well as things falling through the cracks that shouldn’t. We plan, track, manage, and report your financial health regularly with a holistic view. Want to read more about our methods? Click on the Financial services tab above.

Corporate Functions

Our Shared Services team is laser focused is on profitability and quality by leveraging economies of scale and by identifying processes and tools that yield predictable results, enhanced patient experience, and deliver increased practice profitability. Through our Business Intelligence analytics, we are quickly identify issues in revenue, cost, insurance payor behavior, etc., to ensure maximum revenue, collected balances and ultimately profitability.  And, any pan-practice discoveries are applied across the entire network. If you would like to read more about how our Corporate functions work, click on the tab above.

Marketing & Patient Growth

Where do you want your brand to be in two years? What about five? Do you have a plan to reach or exceed that goal? We have seen marketing go by the wayside at far too many practices and Pinnacle Medical Partners we take pride in your brand. Through a combination of traditional marketing, digital marketing, and a pinpoint focus on patient experience and referrals, our marketing team is ready for your situation. If you would like to read more click on the Marketing & Patient Growth tab above.

Revenue Performance Management (RPM)

“Our revenue performance management services focus on the financial performance of your practice and medical services.  From pre-encounter to final billing / collections, the RPM services ensure that your coding, billing and payor management have identified the revenue you deserve to collect for your services.  Pinnacle Medical Partners performs extensive Business Intelligence analytics and strategies to your top line to bring bottom line success.

Jonathan Mahan
Vice President, Revenue

Fair contracts for all involved.

Revenue Cycle Key Controls & Audits

Patient Responsibility Management

Claims & Payor Management

Core Analytics: Financial, Digital, Medical

Practice Management

 “Pinnacle Medical Partners begins each client engagement with a full Practice Assessment.  This important first step will help you and PMP understand your practice dynamics, and provide feedback on key issues and opportunities within the practice.  The Practice Assessment normally requires two days onsite at the practice and additional work reviewing current financial performance. 

Scott Pomeroy CEO Pinnacle Medical Parnters
Scott Pomeroy
CEO, Pinnacle Medical Parnters

Meet  government requirements for electronic medical record keeping

Secure access to Athena health systems for both patient & provider

Our proprietary method of practice revitalization

Financial Services

“For most of our physician partners, financial services had been outsourced in a piecemeal fashion.  As such, most practices fail to understand and optimize their full financial position.  Our business veterans understand how to plan, track, manage and report financial health in a holistic approach.

Tensie Axton

We make quarterly taxes easy

Grow through the power of investments & find what works for your practice

Development & Monitoring of Financial Approach

Better Vendor Rates, Guaranteed.

Monthly & Quarterly Statements, Financial Audits & Accountability

Forecasting & Reconciliation

Directing money to maintain & grow profit centers

Human Resources

“The old adage, “If it weren’t for the people, this would be easy” (while hauntingly true), fails to tap your greatest resource:  your staff.  How well culture is established; staff is trained, engaged and motivated, can be the difference between success and failure.  Most employees really care, but lack the clarity, understanding and empowerment to make your practice successful through their energy to solve problems and serve patients.  We can help you assess your current employees, then attract, retain and motivate key talent to make your practice a place that your patients love and to which they will refer their friends and family.”

Valerie Holt
Vice President of Human Resources

Making sure everything is in order.

Excellent Coverage & Rates

How effective is your workforce?

Assuring just compensation always

Timely, consistent & accurate payrole

Legal & Contracts

“Let’s face it, for most people (other than lawyers), the legal world is daunting:  contracts, lease negotiations, employment agreements, and the list goes on.  If you are like most of our partners, this is not your strong suit.  Our business professionals and legal counsel navigate your practice through the potentially stormy and complex issues in business.”

Scott Pomeroy CEO Pinnacle Medical Parnters
Scott Pomeroy

Compensation, Duration, Expectations

Fair Vendor Pricing and Group Purchasing Power

Real Estate Expertise & Contract Negotiation

Marketing & Patient Acquisition

“Pinnacle Medical Partners provides marketing services to help you grow your practice. From “deep dive” assessments of your current patient base, to a state-of-the-art presence in the “digital world”, our team of experts will help prospects find your practice with a professional and compelling set of tools. And, using our unique “hyper local” focus, we will engage your community in connecting with your practice. Your commitment to outstanding healthcare and our marketing tools create a recipe for growth.”

Jonathan Mahan
Vice President, Revenue

Brochures, Media Adertisments, Press Releases, Deliverables

Responsive Website, SEO, Social

Professional & Patient

Representation for desired outcomes

Extra offerings for patients & income for you

Maximizing revenue streams & cutting waste

Learn how your patients think

Adwords, Emails, & Emerging Media